Exploring the beautiful island of Mallorca

23 Mar

Outside of offering some sandy white beaches and plenty of bars, Mallorca has plenty to offer an adventurous traveller that wants to out and truly experience the largest Balearic Island. Its many natural wonders and historical worth make it an exciting isle to tour around; which is why you may want to consider car hire in Mallorca instead of booking a package deal.

After leaving the airport and checking into your hotel, the first stop you make is about 28km to the north the city centre and called Soller. The town is a painting in itself filled with olive trees and orange groves and between the smells of pastries and tapas at the local bakeries the scent in the air alone is enough to make the trip worthwhile. You will also find some excellent museums here that offer collections by Joan Miro and Picasso.

Right next to Soller is Serra de Tramuntana which is a great stop to burn some energy as the entire mountain range offers picture perfect scenery and beauty. You can walk, climb, or simply drive to one of the peaks and see a wide array of animals and plants.

Luckily, after you are done breaking a sweet you can drive downwards towards the Bay of Solller and hit the beach for a few minutes. Dry off quickly however because 25 minutes away is the Valldemossa Royal Carthusian Monastery that is well worth a few minutes of your time. It was here that Frederic Chopin was said to hide away with George Sand.  The ancient monastery will take your breath away and the quiet of the local village is a nice alternative to the tourist activities of Mallorca.

Those with kids will also want to consider spending a day driving over to the Cuevas del Drach which is about 66km from Parma and is a cavern system that leads to the Lago de Martel, one of the largest lakes in the world that is found underground. As if this was not cool enough in itself, musicians play in boats under the ground in the boats rounding out the entire magical experience.


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