Weekend in Porto

24 Mar

When most people hear the word Porto they assume the conversation is about the football team, however, Porto is more than just a football team as it is also a Portuguese city that is so notable that its city centre has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  For this reason, the city and its cobbled alleyways is well worth a weekend break for both exciting sites and relaxation.

Porto stretches along the Douro River estuary and is the hills behind it allow a nice cool breeze to blow through consistently. To this end, there is a wonderful walking trail down near the Ribera that follows the river and easily leads tourists towards the old town.

Walking is the best way to navigate Porto, and also one of the best ways to find hidden treasures such as small plazas that seem to pop out of thin air between the staircases and crevices of the buildings. Here you will find some great seafood and some of the best wine in all of Portugal.  For the real adventurous, the Mercado do Bolhao offers plenty of vegetables, fruit, fish, and meat and is filled with plenty of treats.

Those who want to see some of the local museums will want to stop by the Museu de Arte Contemporanea, the Modern Art Museum at Serralves and the Casa de Musica, where you can take in some of the best pieces of modern art in Europe as well as witness some great performances.

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